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California is one of the most popular states in the United States for Iranians, and many Persian speakers work and living in different cities. Their main gathering place for Iranians is Los Angeles, but the surrounding towns also have many good living options. Fresno is one of those cities that has good potential for work and life. Welfare facilities and living standards in the United States are favorable, and for this reason, many Iranians have chosen this country as a second home. The United States and Iranians’ services are reciprocal, and Iranian society has contributed to its development. If you would like to live in the Fresno area and buy a house, reading this article will help you.

About Fresno

Fresno has a population of over 1 million 100 thousand people. It is the largest city in central California and the second-largest center of the Armenian people in the United States after Glendale. Based in Fresno, California State University is the city’s most important academic center, and there are many public and private schools for students in the city. The existence of three airports has made it very easy to get to and from this city.

Fresno is also known as the world’s raisin capital and is a great place to live, which is very popular due to the beautiful sunshine, the warm weather throughout the year, and the many job opportunities. If you live in one of the top 5 neighborhoods in the city, you do not need a personal car to get around, and you can use the well-adapted sidewalks.

The city is among many natural attractions of California, such as Yosemite National Park, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon. If you are planning to stay in Fresno, we have said that you have made the right choice, Fresno is only 160 kilometers off California, and a train line called Amtrak connects the city to Los Angeles.

Things to do in and around Fresno

Although Fresno is an industrial city, much can be done. Fresno is located in the middle of the valley and surrounded by many mountains. These mountains provide good recreational opportunities for their residents and guests. You can see various animals at the local zoo, take a walk or bike ride in the national parks to help keep your body healthy, visit museums, the cathedral, or other beautiful places in the city.

In addition to hiking and cycling, sports fans can try mountaineering, fishing, and camping. There are also fascinating festivals in the city throughout the year that you can visit.

Methods and steps for buying a home in Fresno

There are several ways to buy a home in this city. From searching the internet and checking the houses sold on the websites to the Iranian Agent, you can use all the facilities to find the home you want.

Many people come to California in search of a prosperous life, but only a few succeed. Living in Fresno has become very popular in recent years, and the city’s population has grown by more than 40 percent between 2000 and 2010, and the population continues to grow. Fresno is a good option for investing and buying property. Only half of the city’s residents live in their own homes, and the other half rent the house.

The best Iranian Agents in Fresno have access to a comprehensive database and can introduce you to the best places to live based on your budget and needs. With these consultants in Persian, you can easily express your needs, and familiarity with these people with your culture will help them to be able to introduce better options to you.

After selecting the property, the expert consultants will negotiate with the seller. With the mastery of their work, they will provide the conditions for a good deal that will benefit both parties.

You will simplify the work after this step; you will have to go to the notary public, pay taxes and other expenses, will register the property in your name in less than a month.

It is a good idea to make sure the law does all work and that the contract is based on state law to not run into problems in the future.

The cost of buying and renting a house in Fresno

Fresno has affordable homes, apartments, and condos. The house’s price in these neighborhoods varies based on the neighborhood facilities, the house’s condition, the property area, and the s seller’s needs. The average cost of buying a home in this city is $ 299.9 thousand, 11.1% compared to previous years. The average price per square foot of property is $ 183. The average sale price was $ 298,000, but luxury villas also exchange for millions of dollars.

The average cost of renting a home in First City is $ 425 to $ 3.4 thousand per month. Iranian Agents in the United States can help you rent the best of the available options.

Iranian Real Estate Agents in Fresno

Technology has changed the way property is exchanged worldwide. Various websites now offer real estate services; However, real estate consultants still keep their jobs, and we need them to do our exchanges. Real estate consultants can provide specialized services and investment advice that can help you buy the best property.

Only agents know which Fresno areas include in the development plans, and you will make more money by buying a property in those areas.

These people can make inquiries so that the property you intend to buy does not have tax debt or exchange problems or the property’s seller doesn’t bar from trading.

To find real estate consultants in Fresno, you can access them with a simple internet search or ask Iranians living in this city to introduce you to the best consultants they know.

It is good to make sure that the consultant you choose receives the necessary permits and operates legally in the city. These people are trustworthy, and you can select them as your trustee in exchanging or renting property.

The best parts of Fresno for living

Home plays a vital role in life, and your comfort depends on your choice, so in the continuation of this article, we tried to introduce the best parts of Fresno for living:

Central (Fresno Center)

This neighborhood is Central, and there are many restaurants, shops, and shopping malls. The city’s conference and entertainment center are in this neighborhood, and you can see various shows, live music, and art programs. There are several squares in this neighborhood, walking areas are convenient, and you can do your work without a car. The cost of living in this area is also relatively low compared to the amenities, but it does not have suitable facilities in terms of the downtown school.


This popular neighborhood of Fresno is mostly located in the suburbs and is far from the center. This area is a good option for living due to various schools with excellent educational facilities. Security is high in this area, and there are good facilities for walking. The shops in this area are on E Shaw Street, and almost everything is available to you in this neighborhood.

High Roeding

This neighborhood is located in the northwest of the city and many places for shopping, eating and drinking, it also has good access to the city center. City College is located in this area and provides good facilities for families to educate their children. The cost of living in this neighborhood is lower than in other parts of the city, and its security is relatively good.


Mclane is very close to the city center and has good access to shopping and local services. There are also good shopping malls and restaurants in this neighborhood. Parks, shopping malls, grocery stores, and schools make it the right place for families to live. This neighborhood is a good choice for those who have a private car, and its crime rate is slightly higher than the whole city.

Woodward Park

It is located right in the northern part of the city and has given it a rural environment due to Woodward Park National Park and open space. This park is very popular, and many competitions are held in it every year. This neighborhood is a great place to live in First, and with good schools, grocery stores, and restaurants, it has good facilities for family life. This area is the safest neighborhood in Fresno and has many good walking options.

Now that you are familiar with Fresno’s different neighborhoods, you should keep in mind that buying a property pays attention to the population’s dispersion and its residents. Many Latinos and Armenians live in this city and live together peacefully.

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