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In Canada, favorable living conditions have led to thousands of people volunteering to immigrate to the city each year. Canada’s education system’s quality is very high, and the possibility of free education for students has made it an excellent immigration destination for families caring about their children’s future. Montreal is one of the cities that hosts many Iranian immigrants, and buying a property in this city is the right choice for newcomers. It does not matter what your purpose of immigration is. Montreal’s work, study, and living conditions make buying a property in this city an attractive long-term investment. If you would like to know more about purchasing a Montreal property, follow this article to the end.

About Montreal

Montreal is one of the cities in Quebec. According to Mercer Quality magazine, it is one of the top 50 cities globally to live in, which has favorable economic conditions. The city once hosted the Olympic Games and has many sports and amenities.

The price of buying and renting a house in this city is very reasonable, and for this reason, it has become the first choice of many people for work and life.

Montreal is geographically located in eastern Canada and is one of the country’s cultural hubs, where various cultural and social activities occur annually.

Montreal’s access to open waters has made it an excellent choice for international trade and business.

The situation of Iranians living in Montreal

Montreal is a multicultural city where Chinese, Italians and even Portuguese are very active. This clean and hospitable city is the right place for immigrants to live. The small community of Iranians in this city is thriving and plays a beneficial role in managing this city.

The first Iranians immigrated to Canada in the early twentieth century and lived mostly in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Unlike Toronto, where Iranians have based in a specific city, Iranians in Montreal are scattered throughout the city and in different areas.

In Canada and Montreal, Iranians prefer to buy villas and often live in safe and clean neighborhood cottages. Montreal is a city that most Iranian students and young families love to live in.

Iranian in this city is active in various jobs such as teaching, service jobs, startup, and studying.

Buy a house in Montreal

For a safe and fast purchase, Iranian Agents are practical options that offer you many ancillary services in addition to real estate services. You can consult with experienced experts to better analyze the market situation to manage your assets’ financial management better. Real estate consultants will develop a legal agreement or lease for you so that you do not get into trouble in the future or, God forbid, if something goes wrong, you can quickly resolve it.

Consultants with a background in the construction industry and market participants in Montreal are well versed, so they can help you find a home remodeling contractor, facilitate the loan process, and anything else you need when buying a home.

Buying a home in Montreal can be a great way to invest and live in Canada, which can be very stressful. Getting help from experienced consultants who have been working in this field for many years and are familiar with the laws and regulations and Quebec’s province can be your trump card for a quick and worry-free purchase.

How to Buy a Home in Montreal?

Everyone who gets a Canadian visa, whether a tourist or student visa, such as a Canadian citizen, can buy property in Canada, but buying a property does not mean a permanent residence permit. There is no guarantee that you will be able to stay in Canada.

If your goal in buying a home in Canada is to become a permanent resident of the country, we suggest you give up. Individuals who purchase property in Canada without obtaining a residence permit are subject to special laws.

You are obliged to pay your tax based on the agreed amount for the transaction, the price paid and the amount recorded in the municipal list.

You must register the application to transfer ownership of the house in one of Quebec’s province’s notarial offices. After a few weeks, you will receive a statement stating the amount of tax you have to pay.

Property transfer tax only has to be paid once, but property tax on your property is levied on you each year. When you sell the house, you will have charged a tax on the value of the property.

The process of buying a home takes less than a month, but if you apply for a loan, it will take longer.

Iranian Real Estate Agents in Montreal

Not all of Montreal’s 19 neighborhoods have the same facilities, and as a result, not all of them will be suitable for your stay and life. Also, the property cost in different neighborhoods varies depending on the facilities, materials used in the building, and the seller’s conditions. Iranian agents in Montreal will help you find the best option for you.

Fortunately, many active Iranian real estate consultants in this city make a choice a bit difficult. We suggest that you seek the help of Iranians living in Montreal when choosing a consultant. They can share their experiences with you and help you make a better choice.

With a simple search on the Internet, you can identify the best consultants and buy the property of your choice.

Persian language counselors are fully acquainted with your culture and can more easily understand what you need. There are several options in front of you that you can determine the most suitable choice for you and your family with an expert counselor’s help.

If you want to make a fair deal that benefits both parties, the smartest thing to do is to consult with Iranian agents in Montreal. Even renting a house without the presence of a qualified expert is a risky job that may cause you trouble in the future.

Costs of buying and renting a home in Montreal

Montreal is a city that is cheaper than other major cities in Canada, so many people want to have a home while working and living in this city.

Buying a home helps you to feel more connected to the city and to make a good profit in the long run. House prices in this city are on the rise, but it is not very practical to make big profits in the short term.

The average rent in Montreal is between C $ 1,200 and C $ 2,500 per month. In the fashionable and well-known neighborhoods of this city, you have to pay more for renting a house, on the other hand, there are cheap pensions for students and single people and homes with more reasonable prices.

The cost of renting a property is almost reasonable compared to individuals’ income, so tenants in Canada do not feel too much financial burden and have a comfortable life.

The cost of buying a house in this city is very variable and depends on various factors. Two years ago, you could buy a home in Montreal for about 319 thousand dollars, but this amount has increased and sometimes varies between 500 to 800 thousand Canadian dollars.

This price is not a high amount on housing prices, and luxury homes in expensive neighborhoods are much more costly than the average house price in this country.

There are houses worth more than $ 5 million in some neighborhoods, which happen to be inhabited by wealthy and skilled Iranians. To get started in Montreal, you can find a reasonably priced home that fits your budget and needs with the help of a real estate consultant.

The best neighborhoods in Montreal to live in

Montreal’s neighborhoods are very diverse; there are also cheap neighborhoods around the city with good facilities that may be the right choice for your life.

Montreal’s property market is competitive, and the city center is the most competitive place to buy a home. Here are some of the well-known neighborhoods in the city where you might want to buy a home.


The NDG neighborhood is one of the places where many Iranians live. The amenities in this area are good, and you can meet many Iranians in this area every day.

NDG has located in the west of the West-Mont area in the center of the island of Montreal; Many Iranian cultural centers, restaurants, and shops had placed in this area.

English is the language spoken by most of the locals, and although French is one of the region’s official languages​​, it is less prevalent in this area.

Property prices in this area are equal to the average costs in the city of Montreal. People from this area have easy access to other parts of the city, and the public transportation system in this neighborhood is well accessible.

Plateau and Mount Royal

Plateau and Mount Royal are two neighborhoods on Montreal’s outskirts with reasonable prices and are a good living option despite their excellent facilities and easy access to the city center.

Renting a house in Montreal is cheaper than in other Canadian cities, and renting in these two suburbs of Montreal is also the most affordable.

When it comes to the suburbs, most people think of inadequate facilities and crowded neighborhoods. Still, Canada’s amenities are so high that Montreal’s two suburbs are not very different from the center in terms of facilities.

Côte Saint-Luc

Cote Saint-Luc is a French name and the name of a small town located in Montreal. The number of Iranians in this place is less than NDG, but it is one of Montreal’s Iranian neighborhoods.

This area is close to the city center and is average in terms of property prices and rent. The Côte Saint-Luc’s amenities are suitable for families and an immigrant area with high cultural diversity.

Public transportation in the area is also acceptable, and residents prefer to use an existing vehicle instead of private cars.

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