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Toronto has always been known as one of the most popular immigration cities for Iranians due to the high security and high standard of living. In recent years, many Iranians in this city have bought houses and settled in different neighborhoods. The Iranian community in Toronto is working and studying and building a better future for themselves and their family. Toronto is known for its advanced education system, dynamic economy, and high security, and buying a home in this city is a good investment. If you plan to buy a house in this city, you will need Iranian real estate agents, and reading this article is useful for you.

About Toronto


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Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the capital of Ontario. Canada is federally governed, and each state has its laws. Iranians living in Canada are often dual nationals and are recognized as Iranian-Canadian citizens.

Canada is an immigrant country and needs immigrant capital and workforce to achieve its long-term development goals. You can find many Persian restaurants, shops, and stores throughout Toronto. Unlike some American cities, Toronto people respect different cultures, and immigrants can live in peace and security.

There is room for growth and development for all Canadians, and many of Canada’s top executives and politicians are successful immigrants.

Toronto’s public transportation system is very advanced, and people often prefer to use public transportation instead of personal transportation.

Toronto is Canada’s economic capital and is home to many large corporations, so various country job opportunities exist.

Buy a house in Toronto

Buying a home in Toronto can be a daunting task, especially for those new to the city. In addition to not being fully acquainted with the city, not knowing the rules and regulations can also cause you problems. Iranian Real Estate Agents are familiar with your language and culture and can introduce you to the best options based on your needs and budget.

Real estate agents are also able to prevent you from wasting your money and save money. A real estate agent’s job is to monitor what is being offered in the market continually, so although you can personally find the home you want, it gets faster with an expert’s help.

Even those who want to sell their real estate units can find a customer faster by using a consultant. Fortunately, there are many Persian-language real estate consultants throughout Toronto that you can find with a simple web search.

Buy a house in Toronto and get a residence permit

Many people think that by buying a property in Toronto, they can get permanent residence in Canada. Buying a home is free for foreigners in Canada but does not mean obtaining a residence permit. There are many ways to get Canadian residencies, such as immigration, marriage, entrepreneurship, investment, and refuge, but it is impossible to become a Canadian citizen by buying property.

Buying a home is not a traditional way to invest in the country, and despite economic development and rising housing, few people have thought about investing in this area. Buying a home should be one of the momentous events of your life.

Therefore, we recommend applying for residency in Canada first and then applying for a home after the conditions are met. Because buying a home will not be a privilege for residency.

The housing market in Canada is very competitive, and often the supply is higher than the demand, so getting help from expert consultants will help you make better and faster choices.

How to Buy a Home in Toronto?

People who do not live in Canada must first pay 35% of the home price and a 15% tax on buying a property in Toronto when purchasing a home. Canadians are free from paying this tax. When purchasing a property, it is better to use Iranian in Canada who are familiar with this country’s laws so that you can make your purchase without worries.

You can buy a property by having a visa, photo ID card, and completing the necessary documents. The process is very similar to Iran; with a real estate agent’s help, you will find your favorite home and agree on a price.

After the agreement, the necessary documents will be sent to you to sign the transaction. You have the right to visit the site before signing the contract. The property must be inspected if it has not been provided as collateral to a particular bank or the house does not contain any specific debt.

The agreement is then signed between the parties, and the buyer receives the house key in return for the deposit.

The cost of buying and renting a property in Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada’s most expensive cities, so why property prices in this city are slightly higher than in other Canadian cities. The purchase price of a home in Canada varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, depending on the building materials used in the house, the facilities, and the property’s condition.

The cheapest house in Toronto costs about $ 400,000, and the average property purchase in the city is just over $ 800,000. Don’t forget that this is the cost of the property and incidental expenses such as the transfer fee, the Estoppel certification of individual units, the tax on goods and services, the price of a notary public and real estate consultant.

Full-featured villas in the best neighborhoods are much more expensive than the average home purchase price, sometimes up to millions of Canadian dollars. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can buy your favorite house in different neighborhoods. People who succeed in obtaining residency in Canada can borrow to purchase property in Canada.

Renting a property in this country also has its conditions. Citizens in this country can stay in boarding houses, student houses, apartments, and detached villas. Hence depending on your budget, you will find a home.

Rent is usually between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 and sometimes goes up to more than $ 4,000 a month.

Iranian Consultants in Toronto

Iranian Agents and consultants in Toronto have been legally employed after obtaining the necessary permits. The best Iranian Consultants in Toronto have been able to gain credit in the market by making many successful transactions and are known to Iranians. To find them, do a simple internet search or ask a few people to introduce you to the best real estate consultants.

You can also use Canadian real estate consultants. Still, while familiar with your language, Iranian consultants have the advantage of being more fluent in neighborhoods where more Iranians live and more familiar with your cultural needs than Canadians.

It is a good idea to consult with legal counsel when buying a property in Canada, as the solutions they offer can prevent future financial losses.

The best neighborhoods in Toronto to live in

Most Iranians living in Toronto live in Willow Dale and Richmond Hill. But due to the large number of Iranians living in this city, you can find several Iranians in each neighborhood. Here we introduce the most famous and popular neighborhoods in this city to have a better choice.


It is one of the suburbs of Toronto, where many Iranians live. When walking in its streets, you can see Persian people and visit Persian shops so that you will feel less homesick.

Housing prices in this area are almost equal to the average home purchase rate in Canada. From here you can reach the city center by public transport.

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is located in the north of Toronto and has many fans to buy property due to many Iranians. You can reach the north and center of the city by a half-hour metro from this neighborhood.

This neighborhood is one of the modern towns of Ontario and is in good economic condition and amenities.

This neighborhood has access to many great educational centers and profitable shopping malls and is the right choice for family life.


The annex is one of the most famous neighborhoods where most of the staff and students live. The cost of living in this neighborhood is relatively reasonable, and due to the presence of staff and students, the restaurant menu is reasonably priced.

The access to the metro in this neighborhood is excellent, and you can quickly go all over the city.

In recent years, the number of students in this neighborhood has increased due to its proximity to the university. Of course, students are not the only residents, and many families live in the area.

King West

This crowded neighborhood is located in the city’s center and is considered the city’s energetic and happy spirit. Those who like the hustle and bustle can have a good day in this neighborhood and enjoy the atmosphere. Of course, congestion is accompanied by heavy traffic, and the residents of this neighborhood have to deal with it.

The houses in this neighborhood are often newly built and beautiful and have many amenities such as parking and a sports club. One of these neighborhood’s advantages is that everything is available to you and you can easily buy.


It is one of the most well-known and expensive neighborhoods in Toronto. Homes in this neighborhood are more expensive than the average prices in Canada, but if you look well and use capable consultants, you can find your favorite house in this neighborhood as well.

The neighborhood restaurants are costly, and there are many luxury shops in Yorkville. If you are a buyer of original and luxury goods, this neighborhood is a good choice for you. There is a film festival in this neighborhood, and many famous artists come and go.


It is one of the good neighborhoods at a reasonable price, not too crowded and suitable for living. People from Toronto come here for walking and cycling. Its security is high, and it has many access routes to different parts of the city.

Cheap shops, good weather and the possibility of walking have made many people want to buy a house in this place.

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